Political Campaign Materials

Ad Craft has specialized in political campaign materials since we opened our doors. Your outdoor campaign promoting will be noticed with our bold, easy to read designs. It's what sets us apart. Plus we are proud to be union affiliated.

Political Campaign MaterialsYard Signs are made of 6-ply outdoor cardboard. These card stock posters have a wax-coating that resists water and are easy to fold. You may purchase them as “singles” or as a head-to-head imprint creating a “foldover” or double-sided sign. Image size for both is 22” wide x 14” high.

Street Signs are made of corrugated plastic or “Coroplast”. We offer 4' x 4' (square format) and 48” x 32” (rectangular format). The rectangular format is the best value. The candidate's name is four feet wide (same as on a 4'x4') yet this size if more economical and the design converts well from the yard sign, bumper sticker, handout flyer formats and most logo designs.

ClintonsDouble-sided signs are printed exclusively on opaque Coroplast. The image printed on the opposite side cannot be seen when the sun is shinning behind it, creating a more readable message by using this higher quality material.

Plus Ad Craft can produce Bumper Stickers of any size or shape, Window Decals (clear or white Mylar or Static Cling), Banners, Magnetic Door Signs, Campaign Headquarters and Podium Signs, Vinyl Lettering, Hand Fans, Lapel Badges and of course, T-shirts.