SignsAd Craft specializes in company identification signage. Most of our signs made out of corrugated plastic, aluminum, rigid vinyl (smooth plastic-type material), magnetic material or card stock.

Yard signs are most often corrugated plastic (“Coroplast”). The most standard size is 24” wide x 18” high (like realty signs or “work done by” identifiers). Aluminum signs have the longest life and are more permanent (such as building signs, “Posted” signs, etc.)

Production Manager

Rigid vinyl signs are most often used as podium signs, indoor directional signs and table displays. They are waterproof and can be used outdoors but are not recommended for long term use in outdoor elements. We use card stock almost exclusively as political campaign yard signs or for large quantities of temporary event signage.

All signage is screen printed in quantities of 12 or more. Smaller quantities of signs are produced by using vinyl lettering.