Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of items can you print on?

Sportswear---all varieties of T-shirts, polo or sport shirts, sweat shirts, woven (button-down) shirts, a variety of portfolio and tote bags, 5-panel ball caps, windbreakers, cloth jackets and bandanas.

Decals---Vinyl, Reflective, clear Mylar, Static Cling, Chrome and Gold Mylar.

Signs---Corrugated Plastic (Coroplast), Aluminum, Magnetic, Rigid Vinyl (smooth plastic) and License Plates.

Outdoor Vinyl Banners---Digitally printed or vinyl lettering applied

Provided items such as Equipment Door Panels, 3-ring Binders, Document Holders, Luggage Tags, Handled Gift Bags and Boxes. (Suggest only one-color imprint on items already assembled.)

If you have anything with a flat surface on it, we may be able to print on it. Just ask. We've even printed on Rocks!!

How much will it cost?

When ordering T-shirts and other sportswear:

  • How many items do you need?
  • How many colors do you want to print on them?
  • Do you want an image on only the front or on the front and back?

White T-shirts are the least expensive. Ash and heather are a bit more and any colored T-shirt are the most expensive due to the dyes.

Small through Extra-Large (XL) T-shirts will all run the same unit cost. Double extra-large (XXL) up to Six extra-large (6XL) have additional cost added per size.

Set-up costs for all items in this category are included in the unit cost, unless you need more than one size of image. If you are ordering adult and youth sized T-shirts, the image size created for the adult T-shirt will be too big for the youth T-shirts. There is an additional charge per color (or screen) for youth sized T-shirt set-ups.

Signs, Decals and Banners:

Four basic pieces of information will tell us what we need to know to quote your order.

  1. How many?
  2. What kind of material is the product made of?
  3. What size?
  4. How many colors will be printed on the item?
Vinyl Lettering:

If you want your store front window or door lettered, we will need to know the size of the area you want to fill and all the information you want to display. (such as: logo, name, address, phone number, hours of operation, etc.) Installation is estimated separately.

Fleet Marking for Vehicles:

Basically the same information as for vinyl lettering---we need to know what your want to put on your vehicle and where (such as: side doors, windows, side panels, hood or tailgate, etc.)

You will need to bring your vehicle to us initially for actual measurements. Installation is estimated separately.

How long will it take to get my items once I place the order?

Average turn-around is 10 working days for most items if we are creating your purchase for the first time. All products go through the art department first. You will be shown a proof of what we will be printing for your approval before production begins. Actual production time usually takes less time than producing the artwork, but the entire process is often produced in two weeks or less.

What artwork to you need from me?

Ad Craft has a full service art department. We can create your logo or design from verbal instructions or a thumbnail sketch.

If you already have your design in a computer file, you may provide us with a CD or e-mail the art to:

Required Specs for Computer Files:

Files need to be saved as Adobe Illustrator---Version CS3 or earlier.

Art needs to be in a vector format---DO NOT use embedded bitmaps (TIFF, JPEG, GIF or BMP.)

Because we may not have the specific type font used in your art, ALL text must be converted to curves. (outlines)

How do I pay?

Ad Craft accepts cash, checks, debt cards and all major credit cards. New customers will be asked to pay a 50% deposit at the art approval stage before production is completed. Purchase orders and Net 30 are available for regular customers.