Vinyl Lettering & Fleet Graphics

Fleet GraphicsThis type of decal or low quantity products are not printed. Instead, the entire design is computer cut. All letters, numbers and graphics are individually cut out of colored vinyls. Any vinyl not needed in the design is removed and then everything is covered with a masking film which has a low-tack adhesive. When you remove the back liner, all graphics remain in place on the masking film. The decal is placed on the vehicle, glass, banner or sign substrate, pressure is applied to the masking film and then peeled off. The letters and graphics have a much stronger adhesive and remain in place.

Vinyl LetteringVinyl Lettering allows us to create signs, banners, glass door/window lettering and vehicle fleet markings in small quantities without the cost of a printing set-up. Price is determined by how much vinyl the design consumes and how intricate the design is. How complicated the design is translates into how much computer art time is required and how much labor is involved in removing the vinyl not needed in the design. The simpler the design, the less labor is required, the better the price.

Digital Graphics are also available for Fleet Graphics, Signs, etc.