DecalsDecals can be printed on a variety of materials, in any size you wish and can be rectangular, square, round, oval or even a custom shape.

Most window decals are printed on clear Mylar. They can be printed to be applied to the inside or outside of the window.

Safety and equipment decals are most often printed on white vinyl, but many varieties of vinyls are available. Vinyl for printed decals comes in white, yellow and orange. There are also a variety of adhesives available on vinyls that can withstand gasoline and chemicals, adhere to molded plastic, etc.

Other common types of decal materials are Chrome (shiny silver), Gold Mylar (shiny gold), Static Cling (no adhesive, applies only to glass), White or Clear Mylar and Reflective (material that glows at night when light is shined on them.)

To determine the cost of your decals, we will need to know:

  • a.) what kind of material they'll be printed on
  • b.) what size
  • c.) what shape
  • d.) how many colors are printed on them and
  • e.) how many